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Image of Mattiu to promote Live in concert at Riders Hotel


May 18

20.30 - 02.00 h

35.00 CHF

Mattiu - Live in Concert

Mattiu has the talent to create a magical sense of well-being with his voice and thus takes his listeners out of their everyday lives for a brief moment.
Skateboarder in the Laax Rocks Resort bowl

Rocks Resort + After-Session at Riders

July 5, 2024

16.00 - 22.30 h

Pay Day: Cash for Tricks

A skate session where everyone can show off their skills, feel good and the local skate community comes together.

Art Space

July 13 - July 20, 2024

Riders Art Space

Riders Artist Residency

Riders Artist Residency - RAR - Apply now.