Soothing and relaxing: massages have a balancing effect on the nervous system and release deep-seated tension.
Women getting a face massage

Muk & Padabhyanga

45 min | CHF 140
60 min | CHF 160

Face & head massage together with leg & foot massage is the optimal recipe for relaxation. The balancing effect on the nervous system improves sleep hygiene, helps with nervousness and inner restlessness.

Women laying down and getting a back massage


45 min | CHF 140
60 min | CHF 160

Relaxing back massage loosens muscles, stimulates blood circulation and serves to stabilize the psyche.

Massage oil


75 min | CHF 180
90 min | CHF 200

Full body oil massage with stress-reducing, balancing & nourishing effect. Makes the tissue soft & supple & strengthens the immune system.


Registration via WhatsApp:
+41 77 916 21 81


Registration via WhatsApp:
+41 76 410 09 10

All treatments include a short pre-talk & a post-talk with herbal tea. The Svedana Box, sweat box, can be booked separately (15min | CHF 20)

For individual appointment requests please contact the therapist directly.

Please specify the desired duration when booking.